What is Vitra Studios?

It is a company dedicated to the development of NFT games based on blockchain technology and games aimed at platforms related to PCs and mobile devices.
Token VITRA?
It's the network's gas token with various uses: Game Currency; Lottery; Marketplace; Mining; Apps: V Video and V Music (copyright).
What is V Games?
It is the platform for the release of NFT games and external games for desktop and mobile.
What is V Music, V Video and V Book?
A versatile multi-platform with many multi-media features that will unify the interactivity market in a single network.
What is V Node?
Vitra's Blockchain Validation and Token Mining Network nodes.
How to buy Vitra Network Nodes?
Access our official Vitra Studios Dashboard, simply connect your wallet and purchase one or more network nodes.
Decentralized platform?
Our system will be completely decentralized, using the strength of the community to strengthen the network and the security of the system.


Vitra will collaborate with UNICEF and other donors in the fight against child malnutrition.

Donate to VITRA!

UNICEF recently issued a warning about the rise in cases of children with severe acute malnutrition. These increases began even before the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Severe acute malnutrition is an extreme condition of malnutrition, usually resulting from insufficient intake of essential nutrients, leading to a severe deterioration in health.

A recent report has raised serious concerns about severe emaciation, known as severe acute malnutrition. This chronic problem is an emergency that we must not neglect.

United, we will win this war!
This current problem is causing many disasters in homes, as it is the most lethal form of malnutrition and one of the main threats to children's lives.

Donate cryptocurrency
BNB Smart Chain Network - Bep 20
Donate via the UNICEF website UNICEF

Vitra Studios token

Take part in our pre-sale and be part of our project even before its public launch.
Coming soon
Coming soon
What is the token network?
Binance Smart Chain bep20.
What is the Total Supply?
185,000,000 (one hundred and eighty-five million tokens).
How many tokens will go to mining?
56% will be allocated from the total supply.
Which sector will blockchain target?
Centralized and decentralized game development.
Pre Sale
15 BNB
Soft Cap
50 BNB
Hard Cap
-- BNB

Vitra RoadMap

*This roadmap may change without prior notice in order to adjust to the demands of the project for better adoption.

Why choose our token

Because Vitra Studios plans to transform the games industry, along with music, video and digital book apps, without giving up decentralization.
With its "Verge Transaction" system, Vitra plans, together with its partner exchanges, to curb and reduce cases of theft, since it will monitor all the transactions contained in the Blockchains' ledgers.

Game Development by Vitra

Vitra intends to reshape the Blockchain gaming segment, bringing robust and solid constructions aimed at NFTs and traditional games that can be listed on third-party platforms such as Steem.

Specialized Blockchain

Vitra is focused on building a fast, stable blockchain with minimal fees, especially geared towards the development of game-related projects.

Decentralized Marketplace

Vitra encourages the development of games and other related items by independent professionals by offering a marketplace where they can trade their programming in a decentralized way, benefiting the project economy.

Halving and its Impact

Vitra halving is an annual event that will reduce the project's supply, making it scarcer. It will work by decreasing the amount of tokens made available each year, with the aim of, in theory, increasing their value on the market

Nodes System Plan

Vitra's Nodes will ensure that the network is operable, fast, stable and secure. The Mining Node, on the other hand, will have the function of mining tokens on the network and can be sold by the holders at the end of the sales of the Nodes by Vitra Studios.
Node Rubi


Sold out

Node Granada


Sold out

Node Topázio

Latest Units

Node Esmeralda
Node Turmalina
Node Diamond
Node Safira
Node Ametista

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly.
How can developers contribute to Vitra Studios' projects?
By participating in third-party development programs, creating mods and custom content for the games or collaborating directly with the Vitra Studios team.
What is Vitra Studios' long-term vision?
To establish itself as a leader in the gaming industry and a reference in music, video and digital book platforms, expanding its presence in various blockchain networks.
How does Vitra Studios approach the issue of environmental sustainability in relation to cryptocurrency mining?
Vitra Studios is committed to adopting sustainable practices and seeks to use blockchain networks with lower energy consumption to minimize the environmental impact of its operations, starting with the way Vitra tokens are mined, which is through Proof Of Stake.
What makes Vitra Studios unique?
Vitra plans not only to develop decentralized games based on blockchain, but also to develop mobile games in order to have various revenue streams for the project. Vitra aims to build a blockchain that is fast, stable and has the lowest fees on the market, and is geared towards the development of Gamer Projects. With its Verge Transaction technology, Vitra Studios will provide, in partnership with Exchanges, a system where users can track malicious transactions and thefts within the blockchain.
What is Vitra's underlying purpose and how does it seek to solve real-world problems?
It was created to encourage the development of games and other items in the industry by professionals not linked to the project, so that they can earn income from their programming work. Since the project will provide a Marketplace for developers to trade their programming in a decentralized way. Each successful transaction helps the project's economy, making it more robust, operable and constantly developing to keep up with the demands of the current market.
What security measures are in place to protect investors and transactions?
We use end-to-end encryption, fail-safe smart contracts and regular audits to guarantee the security of investors and the integrity of transactions.
What strategic partnerships does Vitra Studios plan to expand?
Vitra plans to partner with other cryptocurrencies, digital gaming platforms, exchanges and other companies focused on this sector.
What is Proof of Stake?
Proof of Stake (PoS) is a consensus protocol used in blockchains to validate transactions and create new blocks. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW), which relies on computing power to mine blocks, PoS assigns the right to create a new block based on the amount of cryptocurrency a person owns and is willing to "stake" as collateral.
How will governance work at Vitra Studios?
Vitra will adopt a decentralized governance approach, allowing the owners of the network nodes to have a say in key decisions related to the development of their project.
How does Vitra approach security in relation to hacks and fraud in the NFT gaming space?
Vitra Studios will implement robust security measures, such as audited smart contracts and regular security checks, to protect assets and its entire system from cyber threats.
How will Vitra deal with the issue of different blockchain networks?
Vitra Studios is developing its blockchain for digital games, then implementing bridging solutions to facilitate interoperability between different blockchain networks, allowing the transfer of NFT assets between them.
What is Halving Vitra? How will it work? What impact will it have on the crypto market? Why is halving important? What are its consequences?
The Vitra halving will be a significant event that will occur annually, with a total of 20 years to go.
Although it is known as halving the supply, for mining Vitra tokens 56% of the supply will be made available and blocked for 20 years, being monitored by the team developing the proof of stake mining platform.
In this way, halving will drastically reduce the project's supply, making it scarcer and, in theory, increasing its value.
Halving will work by reducing the amount of tokens made available each year through unlocking.
The impacts of Halvinv vitra will be:
- Market Impact
- Shortage of supply
- Long-term effect
Halving will be crucial for Vitra as it is a fundamental feature of the protocol, controlling its inflation and ensuring that its supply is limited.
The consequences of Vitra halving include:
- Upward pressure on the price
- Attracting more miners
- Volatility (creating opportunities)
- Awareness and adoption
- Impact on miners.

Meet the Co-founders

Vitra Studios sought to bring together the most qualified professionals in the areas of Programming, Administration, Finance, Legal and Marketing to reach new horizons in the areas of: NFT Games, External Games for Desktop, Mobile, including Video, Music and Digital Book apps.
Luís de Almeida
Co-founder Vitra
Davi de Oliveira∴
Co-founder Vitra